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Kiva Trading
              Company Authentic Native American Arts, Jewelry, Pottery
              & Crafts  

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The timeless appeal of real ...

our website features the unique crafts and fine arts of Southwestern American Indian artists, great discounted shopping and FREE domestic shipping in our Ebay Store! Plus, plenty of detailed information about the techniques and cultural traditions involved in creating these beautiful works of art.

Here, you'll find only authentic American Indian handmade crafts,
sterling silver (.925) jewelry and fine arts, including a constantly changing selection of all of the weaving, pottery and traditional arts of the Native people of the American Southwest:

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  • Navajo(Dineh): Sterling Silver Jewelry, Rugs & Weaving, Baskets, Pottery
  • Hopi: Sterling Silver Jewelry, Kachina Dolls, Pottery, Baskets
  • Zuni(Shi:wi): Sterling Silver Jewelry, Fetish Carving, Pottery
  • Pueblo: Pottery, Storytellers, Baskets, Fetish Carving

  • selected items from other American Indian Nations!

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    Petroglyph Images: 2005
    John Running

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    Navajo Pictorial Overlay Cuff in Sterling Silver by the Becenti family.

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    Native American Arts
    If you'd like to ask a specific question of our experts or discuss any American Indian Arts issues,  visit our forum, soon to be renovated and re-launched. Watch for the announcement!

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    Zuni Needlepoint Turquoise Cluster
                Setting in Sterling Silver Cuff
    Zuni Needlepoint Turquoise Cluster Setting in Sterling Silver Cuff

    Kiva Trading Company Authentic
                Native American Arts since 1985
    Correspondence: 2 Lane B Huntington, NY 11743 USA

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