The benefits of outsourcing your social media marketing campaigns

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is a form of marketing but instead of having the core focus of selling a product or finding out which products people would like to buy, you are creaking marketing campaigns with the focus of generating traffic to a social media site and just like many other functions of a business if it is not your business core you can outsource it.

Why Should you consider outsourcing?

Whilst there may be some reason you would prefer to have someone in your business handle your Social Media Marketing there are many reasons you should not do exactly that. Sure the person handling your business account has many followers on Instagram and friends on Facebook but that does not mean that they are perfect for your social media campaign.

Gayle Kinney runs the social media for these turf suppliers and this storage units manchester company and notes “A great fit for your social media needs will be someone that can create the perfect ad campaign that will generate a following. Preferably someone with experience in social media marketing or even digital marketing. Someone that can create a powerful message to ensure that all of your goals are actually achievable through the use of a simple ad on Facebook, a tweet on Twitter and picture on Instagram. The best place to find a person like that is not in your company, so rather outsource.”

What are the general benefits of outsourcing?

When you outsource there are many benefits such as it cuts costs, although you may not realize it at first when you outsource all of the resources you would have spent doing the task yourself will greatly exceed the resources you spend outsourcing there are many reasons for this. It takes time to do everything yourself, time is a valuable resource and if you look at opportunity costs you probably would have made money somewhere else if you focused on that instead. If you look at the actual money spent, you would have spent a lot of money on setting up the specific division and if that division is only used once a year or twice a year you have wasted your time and money.

Graeme W. is a seo consultant and social media consultant for this personal trainer manchester business and recommends “It is not your business core function. If you are even considering outsourcing there is no chance that this is your business core function and for that reason, it is not your area of expertise. if it is not your area of expertise then why not give the job to a company that has social media marketing as its core business function, they have the expertise, they have the skill, they have the knowledge and they can do it quicker than you and better than you.”

What are the benefits of outsourcing your social media marketing campaigns?

Jim Cramer runs the social media for this luxury candles store and JEM medspa and notes “Communication skills, a marketing company will get the best information from your company and communicate it to your target audience in the best possible polished manner.”

Time saver, when you outsource someone else does all of the work for you, so while someone works on your social media profiles and creates witty campaigns you have the time to focus on your own business and grow it.

Peter Barney sells gadgets online and notes “Staying relevant, its time to let someone else take the reigns on your ad campaign. If you simply allow yourself to become a relic of the past then that is your own fault, however its not to late just yet, let someone with all the experience needed to handle your campaign while you sit back and watch them do a fantastic job in keeping up with the latest trends and happenings on social media.”

Faster posts, if someone else is dedicated to your social media accounts they will simply post on your behalf and while you are focusing on what your business should be doing during its day to day operations, that person in charge of your social media account has already posted online and received a response from your audience.

Accountability, you have someone who is responsible for your accounts and they ensure that they meet the expectations you have entrusted them to meet.

Mary Dorn runs the social media for this medical spa milwaukee clinic and this assisted living chicago service and says “Resources, while you use your resources to develop the best possible way of doing your job, the same goes for a social media marketing company, time and money are devoted to developing the best possible method of generating a large meaningful response from your target market.”

Paul Praveen runs the social media for these vacuum excavators and this banquette seating company and says “Skills and knowledge, the people you outsource to have the best and most relevant skills to do the job, while a plumber has a wrench, a social media marketer has a working knowledge of search engine optimization. An electrician has a screwdriver and a social media marketer is google ad words certified. So if you do not have the tools for the job why do the job?”

Social media marketing is something that you can outsource so why don’t you?