Handmade Pottery

Kiva is proud to offer handcoiled, traditionally made pottery from a variety of artists from the New Mexico Pueblos, the Hopi mesas and of Navajo ancestry. All are tribally enrolled individuals who are actively pursuing their art as an income source. All of the pottery, whether wood-fired, or kiln-fired comes with an authenticity certificate describing the item, the tribal affiliation of the artist and the techniques used in producing it. Our pottery is chosen & priced to reflect real value for the collector. Item availability will change regularly, so be sure to connect again, soon. If you have a specific pottery interest, be sure to connect with the Collectors page before you sign off.

Browse the linked images below to find your interests. Clicking on an image will connect you with a larger, more detailed image as well as historic & design information . You may also go directly to our Ebay Store  for the items currently available. 

Acoma Pottery Grouping
Acoma, Laguna & Zuni Pottery

Blackware Pottery Grouping
Santa Clara & San Ildefonso Pottery

Micaceous Pottery Grouping
Northern Pueblos & Micaceous Ware

Hopi Pottery Grouping
Hopi & Hopi/Tewa Pottery

Jemez and Zia Pottery
Jemez & Zia Pueblo Pottery

Storyteller Grouping
Storytellers & Figures

Wedding Vase Image
Wedding Vases

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